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Aging, suffering from neglect and its equipment badly out of date, the Greek liner SS Areopagus heads east towards San Francisco, carrying all on board into the most shattering adventure of their lives . . . Its crew and passengers are a mixture of the worst and best of humanity. Tornetta, a desperate murderer fleeing from a Mafia executioner, boards the ship but has no qualms about murdering again. On board too are the Burstons, a haunted family running from the memories of a grisly tragedy.  Pauline is the beautiful but bi-sexual and self-degrading woman in desperate search of kindness and love.  The ship’s doctor, Dempsey, cool and self-possessed, faces in one violent moment, his greatest trial of his career.  And then there is Nikolaos Tomazos, First Officer, married to an faithless Australian, and who dreams of taking his wife and children back to Greece. He knows his ship better than anyone else on board, including the captain. The Areopagus embarks on a voyage that changes many lives, most of all Tomazos’s, whose skill and mental strength is tested to the limits as the ailing ship enters the bulk of the storm.

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